Step into the world of HOUSE OF FRANCHISE, where two young and visionary entrepreneurs, Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang Jr., turned their idea of food franchising into a reality. The duo recognized the immense potential of franchising and decided to establish their own franchising company in 2006.

Their first brand, Jo’s Waffle House, which serves waffles with a variety of fillings, became a massive hit in May of the same year, leading to the launch of several other brands that revolutionized the franchise industry. These included SIOMAI KING, NOODLE HOUSE, SIOPAO DA KING, and BURGER FACTORY, which won the hearts of the public with their unique selling propositions.

SIOMAI KING, in particular, became an instant sensation with its promise of serving five pieces of siomai per serving, which was unheard of in the market that typically offered four pieces. Meanwhile, NOODLE HOUSE became a favorite among students and the working class with its affordable and delicious stir-fried noodles, topped with a variety of zesty flavors. SIOPAO DA KING's value-for-money buy 1 take 1 concept made it a hit among hungry patrons, while BURGER FACTORY's signature longaburger and buy 1 libre 1 marketing tactics made it a popular snack-to-go option for those on the move.

In 2015, HOF launched its essential franchise business, JC, which catered primarily to the health, beauty, and wellness market. JC introduced top-notch products made from the best raw materials sourced from the best parts of the world. Its flagship miracle product, JC organic Barley, directly sourced from the best source in the world located in New Zealand, is now JC has established its initial six international brnhces in different countries and territories , including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Taiwan, Qatar, and Italy.

By 2018, HOF's food franchise division, led by SIOMAI KING, exceeded the 1,000-store mark, making it one of the most sustainable, stable, and fastest-growing foodcart franchise companies in the industry.

The company expanded its concept to other box office hit franchises, such as the crispy and flavorful French fries franchise brand, Potato King, with its three mouth-watering flavors of cheese, barbecue, and sour cream. BOY BONDAT, featuring the famous Filipino dish line with its signature beef pares and sisig, became a great meal starter, while MANG BOKS MANOKS, serving the all-time Filipino roasted chicken and pork belly favorite, took roasting to the next level.

Then came the pandemic, presenting an incredible opportunity for House of Franchise to not only expand but also to offer a safer and more convenient way for franchisees to earn in the most unconventional way possible. This was the birth of the online franchise revolution, which led to the creation of the digital franchise platform known as shoplinks for JC and the foodcart franchise concepts, offering more options, convenience, and ease for both franchisees and customers.

This opportunity also spawned the groundbreaking daily super app known as toktok, which started as a simple two-wheeled motorcycle delivery service company and evolved into its own digital online shopping mall, Its food ordering app service feature, digital bills payment, e-wallet, ride-hailing, and more have made it one of the most downloaded apps in the market, with two million app downloads in just two years.

This is only the beginning for HOUSE OF FRANCHISE. Franchise with us, and we will help you build your business. Join the House of franchise revolution today.

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